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    Koala Studios sewing room furniture is beautifully designed and assembled for you in the Midwest. Built with the finest materials, these luxury spaces feature structural elements and configuration options that support all brands of machines and sewing genres. Koala’s exclusive ergonomic design inspires mastery and comfort while meeting the individual needs of your personal sewing studio space. Choose your configuration and color, and Koala will build the studio of your dreams. Precision Craftsmanship Koala Studios are designed and assembled for you right here in the USA. Our Midwest facility focuses on quality craftsmanship and the finest materials to build sewing studios that are both elegant and comfortable. Every detail of your Koala Studio—from the environmentally-friendly, highest grade engineered wood base to the steel components and decorative handles—is chosen with quality and luxury in mind.
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    SewComfort Chair all colors
    Koala SewComfort Chair
    Koala Cabinets
    Height Adjustable Center
    Koala Cabinets Height Adjustable Center
    Koala Cabinets
    Embroidery Center Pro
    Koala Cabinets Embroidery Center Pro
    Koala Cabinets
    Serger Center
    Koala Cabinets Serger Center
    Koala Cabinets
    Storage Tower
    Koala Cabinet Storage Tower
    Koala Cabinets
    Bernina Caddy
    Koala Cabinet Bernina Caddy
    Koala Cabinets
    Three Drawer Caddy
    Koala Cabinet Three Drawer Caddy
    Koala Cabinets
    Artistry Drawer Center
    Koala Cabinet Artistry Drawer Center
    Koala Cabinets
    Maker Center
    Koala Cabinet Maker Center
    Koala Cabinets
    slim caddy
    Koala Slim Caddy
    Koala Cabinets
    emb center
    Koala Cabinet Embroidery Center
    Koala Cabinets
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