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Bernette sew&go 1

Bernette sew&go 1

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The bernette sew&go 1 is a mechanical sewing machine and the entry model for the sew&go family. With 10 stitches and a maximum stitch width of 5 mm, it provides excellent basic functions at a very economical price. Clearly designed and easy to operate, it‘s perfect for beginner sewers. A full four presser feet (soles), including the buttonhole foot and a zipper foot, come as standard with this model.


User Manual bernette sew&go 1


Bernette sew&go 1




Hook system:    CB
Buttonhole:    4-step
Stitch width:    5 mm


Included Accessories:



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Button-sew-on foot

With this presser foot not only buttons of different sizes can be sewn on but also rings or hooks. The Button sew-on foot provides a slip-resistant sole so that the button cannot slip away.

502020 81 8181 50 Spulen


The bernette bobbins always maintain the thread tension consistent. It enables you to produce accurate sewing and embroidery projects.

502020 74 86 Stopfplatte

Darning plate

Holes and tears are quickly darned with the aid of the darning plate.





502021 03 19 Reissverschlussfuss I

Zipper foot

Due to the narrow shape, zippers in various versions can be sewn in easily. The fabric is fed evenly while you can sew along the coils very closely.




502020 59 97 Knopflochschlittenfuss B

Buttonhole foot with slide

The buttonholes can be sewn easily in different versions and either with or without using cord. Any number of buttonholes can be sewn at exactly the same length.




502020 59 96 Zickzack Nahfuss J

Zigzag foot

The Zigzag presser foot is a true all-rounder and is suitable for all the common sewing works. It is also optimal for special sewing projects.

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