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Bernette b35

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Bernette 35

Key Features:

Bernina Bernette b35 Knopflochfuss
Automatic buttonhole-sew professional buttonholes quickly and easily
With the bernette 35, it is quick and easy to include buttonholes in your sewing project. You don't have to lift the needle or change the setting on your machine. Your sewing machine will sew all four steps of the buttonhole automatically.
Bernina Bernette b35 Zubehorbox
Many convenient extras-making sewing even more fun
In addition to the 1-step buttonhole function and the 23 utility and decorative stitches, the bernette 35 also has a manual needle threader and a manual thread cutter. These functions make your sewing faster and more efficient. The accessory box of your bernette 35 provides plenty of storage space for sewing tools, such as bobbins, cleaning brushes, presser feet and threads.
Bernina Bernette b35 Bediehnung 1

Seven presser feet (soles) included-the right presser foot for any application
With your bernette 35 you get seven presser feet and a stable presser foot shank. You can select the appropriate presser foot for whatever you want to sew. For example, you can choose the zigzag foot for zigzag stitches, the satin foot for your satin stitches and the buttonhole foot for your buttonholes. With the appropriate feet, you can accomplish your sewing projects quickly and with excellent stitch quality.
Bernina Bernette b35 Dynamisch links

2-step presser foot lift for sewing thick layers of fabric
The 2-step presser foot lift offers the advantage of making it possible to sew several layers of fabric with ease. This is especially useful if you need to sew thicker or quilted fabrics or several layers of denim. The high piercing power of the bernette 35 allows you to work on a wide range of materials, from fine materials to heavy textiles. 


Hook system:  CB
Stitch Patterns:  23
Buttonhole:  1-step
Utility stitches:  14
Maximum stitch length:  4mm
Sewing space right of the needle:  170 mm
Stitch width:  5 mm


  • Bobbins (4x)
  • Seam ripper (buttonhole opener)
  • Screwdriver (large)
  • Screwdriver (small)
  • Needle assortment
  • Zigzag foot
  • Hemmer foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Satin stitch foot
  • Button-sew-on foot
  • Blindstitch foot
  • Buttonhole foot with slide
  • Foot control



Bernette 35 Stitch Pattern

Included Accessories:

502060 13 77 Stickfuss mit transparenter Sohle

Embroidery foot with clear sole

The transparent sole affords a consistently clear view of the sewing project, ensuring that decorative and satin stitches, appliqués and off-the-edge scallops turn out particularly well.

502060 13 67 Saumerfuss

Hemmer foot

This special presser foot serves the purpose to create professional-looking seams. It folds the fabric twice which results in a nice rollhem which is then properly fixed by the needle with a straight stitch.

502060 13 64 Blindstichfuss L

Blindstitch foot

This foot is most suitable to sew blindhems or to topstitch edges. The stitches only pierce the hem so that the stitch holes are hardly visible on the right side of the fabric.

 502060 13 60 Reissverschlussfuss

Zipper foot

Due to the narrow shape, zippers in various versions can be sewn in easily. The fabric is fed evenly while you can sew along the coils very closely.

 502060 13 56 Knopfannahfuss M

Button-sew-on foot

With this presser foot not only buttons of different sizes can be sewn on but also rings or hooks. The Button sew-on foot provides a slip-resistant sole so that the button cannot slip away.

502060 14 08 Zickzack Nahfuss b33b35

Zigzag foot

The Zigzag presser foot is a true all-rounder and is suitable for all the common sewing works. It is also optimal for special sewing projects.

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