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Keep your hands on the fabricKeep your hands on the fabric:

- Adjust your quilt safely
- Tiny adjustments can be done quickly
- Rotate, turn & do appliqués easily

Thanks to the hover function the foot raises, but the needle stays in the fabric, making it easy to maneuver and turn as you appliqué and quilt.


Achieve perfect stitch resultsAchieve perfect stitch results:

- Achieve perfect, equal-length stitches
- Perfect results no matter which speed
- Perfection comes standard

The BERNINA Stitch Regulator guarantees precise stitch quality and results at any speed during free-motion quilting.


Enough space for bigger projects:

- Handle big quilts with ease
- Live up to your quilt creativity
- Enough room for comfortable quilting

The B 570 QE with its extended freearm offers 8.5" right of the needle. Perfect to handle big quilting projects with the greatest of ease.


Quilt all materials with easeQuilt all materials with ease:

- Enjoy superb fabric feed on both sides
- Quilt many layers without puckers
- Excellent for slippery or fine materials

The innovative BERNINA Dual Feed feeds the fabric evenly from above and below. It is easy to engage and tucks away when not in use.


Automatic features save timeAutomatic features save time:

- Thread is cut automatically
- Save time for your creative ideas
- More time to focus on your quilt

Thanks to the automatic thread cutter, your thread is cut with an easy one-button operation. Keeps your work flowing easily and saves time.


Quilters love Patchwork foot #97DQuilters love Patchwork foot #97D:

- Designed for straight-stitching
- Ideal for sewing 1/4" seam allowances
- Extra insurance to experienced piecers

The Patchwork foot #97D is the special accessory for the most accurate feeding and stitching when piecing patchwork blocks.


Included Accessories:


- Standard accessories BERNINA 570 QE:

Here you will find an overview of the standard accessories for the BERNINA 570 QE.


- BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR):

The BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) adapts precisely to your current sewing speed to produce absolutely consistent stitching.


- Reverse-pattern foot #1C:

Reverse-pattern foot #1C is the ideal presser foot for sewing forward and reverse-feed utility and decorative stitches.


- Overlock foot #2A:

Overlock foot #2A lets you neaten seams easily and sew high-quality hems, waistbands and overlock seams on knit fabrics.



- Reverse-pattern foot #1D:

Reverse-pattern foot #1D is the ideal presser foot for sewing forward and reverse-feed utility and decorative stitches.



- Buttonhole foot with slide #3A:

Depending on the model, Buttonhole foot with slide #3A determines the desired buttonhole length for identical buttonholes either via a sensor or manually.



- Zipper foot #4D:

Thanks to its narrow, centrally positioned toe, Zipper foot #4D can stitch very close to the zipper coils, allowing it to sew the zipper on neatly.



- Open embroidery foot #20C:

Open embroidery foot #20C is ideal for embroidering with your sewing machine. The indentation in the sole of the presser foot allows it to glide smoothly over dense stitches.



- Drop-shaped embroidery foot #26:

Thanks to its special tear-drop shape, Drop-shaped embroidery foot #26 allows you to embroider with the embroidery module and to darn delicate fabrics.



- Patchwork foot #97D:

The Patchwork foot #97D is ideal for patchworking and other exact work.



- Free-arm slide-on table:

The BERNINA Free-arm slide-on table offers greater comfort thanks to an increased sewing area, without affecting free-arm function when sewing.



- Knee lifter/Free-Hand System (FHS):

The Knee lifter/Free-Hand System (FHS) lets you raise the presser foot and lower the feed dog with your knee. Recommended particularly for appliqué or any project requiring pivoting and getting bulky projects under the presser foot easily.



- Knee lifter/Free Hand System (FHS):

The Knee lifter/Free Hand System (FHS) lets you raise the presser foot with your knee. Especially recommended for delicate fabrics.

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