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Integrated Dual Feed Technology:

Feeds fabric from the top with ease when sewing multiple layers of fabric or specialty fabrics, eliminating the need for a separate walking foot. Engage or disengage this feature easily as needed, depending on what you're sewing.


mySewnet™ Library Enabled:

The first machine to have access to a full, continuously growing library of high quality embroidery designs directly on the screen of your DESIGNER EPIC™ 2 machine! Connect to all the mySewnet™ apps you love, update your machine wirelessly, and transfer designs between devices, and more.


Ribbon Embroidery Attachment Capability:

A true innovation in the home embroidery machine. With the optional ribbon embroidery attachment, your DESIGNER EPIC™ 2 machine will guide and stitch down ribbon in embroidery mode. Adding ribbon to your embroidery designs has never been easier!


Adjustable Laser Sewing Guidance:

Project a laser guidance line directly on your fabric to easily line up your stitches. Move the laser-projected line guide left or right to easily align rows of decorative stitches, consistently space lines of quilting, and more.


Exclusive Stitch Techniques:

Customize any project with exclusive patented stitch techniques that give your project dimensional elements that are effortless and irresistable: Pop-Up Stitches, Sequin Stitches, Applique Stitches, Yarn Stitches, Theme Stitches, and Laser Pictogram Stitches.


Design Placement through mySewMonitor™ App:

Design Placement is now easier than ever! Using your smartphone, take a photo of your hooped project through the HUSQVARNA®VIKING® mySewMonitor™ app. The app communicates with your DESIGNER EPIC™ 2 machine for perfect embroidery design placement faster than ever before.


mySewnet™ Ecosystem:

Unleash a universe of sewing and embroidery possibilities using the mySewnet™ ecosystem, which includes free cloud-based storage and design transfer, apps, a Project Creator service, and fresh ideas available in a live feed directly on screen from the mySewnet™ Blog.


JoyOS Advisor™ Feature:

Your sewing experience is more seamless than ever with interactive tutorials, sewing instructions, step-by-step workbooks, easy access user's guide, stabilizer guide, quick start guide, accessory guide, and more! Select your fabric type and choose from a wide selection of available sewing techniques. The JoyOS Advisor™ feature will instantly set the best stitch, stitch width, stitch length, thread tension/portioning, and presser foot pressure for the technique you've chosen.


Designs included:

Over 750 built-in embroidery designs, including ribbon embroidery designs. 8 built-in embroidery fonts in three different sizes.
On-screen access to the mySewnet™ Library for design streaming with over 4,000 designs (subscription required).


Accessories included:

- A foot for IDF system,
- B foot,
- C foot,
- D foot,
- E foot for IDF system,
- H foot for IDF system,
- J foot for IDF system,
- Adjustable ¼” foot for IDF system,
- R foot,
- S foot,
- Sensor One-Step Buttonhole Foot,
- Sensor Q-Foot,
- Straight Stitch Plate
- DESIGNER™ Imperial Hoop (360x260)
- DESIGNER™ Crown Hoop (260x200)
- DESIGNER™ Splendid Square Hoop (120x120)


More Features:


Innovative and Powerful:

  • mySewnet™ Enabled - Cloud, Library, Blog, Apps, and More!
  • Machine Notifications and Design Placement with mySewMonitor™ App
  • Integrated Dual Feed Technology
  • Interactive Tutorials, User's Guide, Sewing Instructions, and More with JoyOS ADVISOR™ Feature
  • Adjustable Laser Sewing Guidance
  • Large Working Area – More than 12” (310mm) to the Right of the Needle
  • Largest Height Under Sewing Head, 3” (77mm)
  • Larger Bobbin
  • Wide, Decorative 9mm Stitches
  • Multi-Function Foot Control Capability
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Maximum Machine Stability
  • Fully Automatic Needle Threader
  • Design Positioning
  • Design Shaping
  • Design Appliqué
  • Embroider Buttonholes and Decorative Stitches in the Hoop
  • On-Screen Embroidery Design Customizing
  • Complimentary Computer Software Download
  • Smart Save
  • Automatic Jump Stitch Trim
  • Two Basting Options for Embroidery
  • Embroidery Speed up to 1,000 Stitches-Per-Minute
  • Check Settings in Welcome to Embroidery Stitch-Out
  • Over 840 Stitches up to 54mm Wide
  • Exclusive, Patented Stitch Techniques
  • 6 Sewing Alphabets
  • Three Free-Motion Settings
  • Stitch Positioning
  • 37 Needle Positions
  • Stitch Balance for Multi-Directional Stitches
  • Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes
  • Straight Stitch Plate and Sensor
  • Customized Accessory Tray with Unique Compartments (presser feet in alphabetical order, straight stitch plate, and Sensor Buttonhole Foot)
  • Two USB Ports
  • Reads Multiple Design Formats
  • Sew with Embroidery Unit Attached
  • Three Embroidery Hoops Included
  • Easy Access to Sewing Functions
  • Top and Bobbin Thread Sensors
  • Jam Proof Rotary Hook
  • Automatic Presser Foot Lift
  • Tapering on Decorative Stitches
  • Free-Motion Sewing with Decorative Stitches
  • Four Hoop Positions
  • Embroidery Unit Case and Soft Machine Cover Included


  • Advanced mySewnet™ Library
  • Best Machine Connectivity with the mySewnet™ Cloud
  • Exclusive mySewnet™ Blog
  • Automatic Wireless Machine Update
  • Most Built-In Tutorials on Screen – JoyOS ADVISOR™
  • Stabilizer and Accessory Guide on Screen
  • Industry First Ribbon Embroidery Attachment Capability
  • Most Front Fabric Feeding Segments
  • Highest Needle Piercing Power
  • 10.1” Capacitive Touch Tablet-Like Screen
  • Tallest Working Area Height, over 5.5” (140mm)
  • Brightest and Most Evenly Distributed Lighting
  • Most Advanced Stitch TechniquesRubberized Handwheel
  • Thread Portioning System – deLuxe™ Stitch System
  • Largest Embroidery Area, up to 360 x 350mm^
  • Most Built-In Specialty Embroidery Techniques
  • Most Free-Motion Settings
  • Unique Built-In Telescopic Thread Stand
  • Lightest Machine in its Class
  • Largest Stitchplate with Markings – up to 2 ½” (65mm) on Both Sides
  • Bobbin Winding Through the Needle
  • Longest Inch/Cm Ruler Printed on the Machine
  • Free-Motion Sewing with Decorative Stitches


Documents & charts:

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