Bernette B05 ACADEMY


Bernette B05 ACADEMY

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Bernette 05 ACADEMY

Key Features:

01 b05 Keyfeature 2 1
Exclusive Stitch Selection For All Your Needs
Besides offering 30 essential stitches including 1-step-buttonhole, the b05 exclusive stitch set features also the two most wanted stitches: Lyrica Stitch for super stretchy materials and Blanket Stitch.
02 b05 Keyfeature 2 1
Perfect Fabric Feeding Made Easy
Ensuring an even fabric feeding has never been easier thanks to the adjustable pressure foot pressure. Unwanted gathering of both thin and thick fabrics is the past! Adjust the upper thread tension in order to optimally balance the upper and bobbin thread.
03 b05 Keyfeature 2 1
Retractable Feed Dog
With help of the retractable feed dog, you will effortlessly have evenly spaced stitches when darning or free motion sewing. Just lower the feed dog by a simple move on the back of your machine.
05 b05 Keyfeature 1
Super-large Slide-on Table
The easy-to-attach and included slide-on table makes sewing and fabric guiding even more comfortable, especially for large sewing projects. The fabric will glide smoothly over the rounded shaped table.
04 b05 Keyfeature 2 1
Want To Go Full Speed Or Half Speed?
Tricky sewing projects? Then the half speed mode with maximum 650spm is perfect for you! Are you sewing long straight seams? Then feel the sewing flow at a sewing speed up to 1110 stitches per minute. The speed limiter makes both possible.


Hook system: Drop-in
Maximum stitch length: 4mm
Space to the right of the needle: 6.49"
Needle threader: Manual
Thread cutter: Manual
Sewing light: 2 LEDs
Number of stitches: 30
Maximum sewing speed: 1100 spm
Power switch with speed limitation:  Yes
Maximum stitch width: 6 mm
Lycra and blanket stitch:  Yes


  • Finger guard
  • BERNINA Needle Set 130/705 H
  • Height compensation tool
  • Bobbin
  • Seam ripper/brush
  • Right seam guide
  • Screw driver
  • Spool pin large
  • Spool holder large
  • Spool holder small
  • Spool felt large
  • Oiler
  • Spool net

Included Accessories:

502021 02 95 Knopfannaehfuss H

Button-sew-on foot

With this presser foot not only buttons of different sizes can be sewn on but also rings or hooks. The Button sew-on foot provides a slip-resistant sole so that the button cannot slip away.

502021 02 96 Reissverschlussfuss fur nahtverdeckte Reissverschlusse

Invisible-zipper foot

This foot is simply perfect to sew in zippers. As the zipper is invisible afterwards, an especially elegant look is achieved.

502021 03 24 Anschiebetisch

Extension table

More luxury with an extended sewing surface.

502020 81 8181 50 Spulen


The bernette bobbins always maintain the thread tension consistent. It enables you to produce accurate sewing and embroidery projects.

502021 03 10 Stopf und Stickfuss

Darning- / Embroidery foot

This foot is a true specialist for free motion sewing and it is best suitable to darn holes and worn areas. Used together with an embroidery hoop, the darning process can be simplified as the hoop stabilizes the fabric.

502021 03 02 Offener Stickfuss

Open embroidery foot

This foot makes quick work of appliqués and embroidery projects, as well as the sewing over of lines and patterns. The open shape ensures a clear view of the seam, and is therefore ideal for sewing on tapes and ribbon.

 502021 02 99 Saumerfuss K

Hemmer foot

This special presser foot serves the purpose to create professional-looking seams. It folds the fabric twice which results in a nice rollhem which is then properly fixed by the needle with a straight stitch.

502021 02 98 Schmalkantfuss

Edgestitch foot

This presser foot with guide facilitates the topstitching of edges, hems and pleats; helpful for sewing on lace or tapes, and for reinforcing edges. The guide helps you achieve flawless seams and hems that run parallel to the edge.

 502021 02 97 Blindstichfuss F

Blindstitch foot

This foot is most suitable to sew blindhems or to topstitch edges. The stitches only pierce the hem so that the stitch holes are hardly visible on the right side of the fabric.

502021 03 19 Reissverschlussfuss I

Zipper foot

Due to the narrow shape, zippers in various versions can be sewn in easily. The fabric is fed evenly while you can sew along the coils very closely.

 502021 03 15 Overlockfuss E

Overlock foot

The Overlock foot facilitates finishing edges professionally and sewing seams similar to overlocking. It is also particularly suitable to create decorative cuffs and seams in the most common knitware fabrics.

 502021 03 18 Knopflochschlittenfuss D

Buttonhole foot with slide

The buttonholes can be sewn easily in different versions and either with or without using cord. Any number of buttonholes can be sewn at exactly the same length.

502021 03 17 Zickzack Nahfuss T

Zigzag foot

The Zigzag presser foot is a true all-rounder and is suitable for all the common sewing works. It is also optimal for special sewing projects.

 502021 02 92 Zickzack Nahfuss mit Gleitsohle T

Zigzag foot with non-stick sole

The non-stick sole ensures smooth riding over difficult-to-feed materials such as leather, plastic, vinyl or similar.

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